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Aaron's Research

Roadside Related

"Our Unwitting Biography: Place Product Packaging and the American Roadside - 1920-2005" (Thesis)

Commercial Archaeology (Roadside Architecture)

Industrial Architecture


Housing Nantucket Related

Green Specifications Project (Developed, Draft Version)

Request for Qualifications for Housing Resource Center (Developed and overseen)

Organizational Long Range Plan (Developed and Oversen)

Design for duplex at Surfside Road (Overseen and Managed - Design by Aaron Trahan and Joanna Grab, Northeastern University)

Tenant Handbook for Housing Nantucket (Developed and implemented)

Project Proposal for Duplex on Nantucket (Concept oversen - Design by Aaron Trahan and Joanna Grab, Northeastern University)


Other Projects

Program for American Association for History and Computing Conference (Organizer)

Presentation to Southern New England APA conference on Chain Store limitations (Presentation, SWF/Flash)

Presentation to the Popular Culture Association on Roadside Architecture (Presentation, SWF/Flash)

Presentation to Annual Salve Regina University Historic Preservation Conference (REPORT | Presentation, SWF/Flash)

Articles in which I was quoted:

Bylaw Draft for Economic Development Impact Review

Bylaw Draft for Historical Commission

Preservation Plan for Nantucket, MA (Draft concept, DOC)

Syllabus Concepts:

These articles were written for Yesterday's Island on Nantucket.

Historic Preservation for Greene County, PA - includes information on:

  • Built and Natural Landscape preservation
  • Waynesburg and Washington Railroad
  • Folklore in SWPA Coal Mining
  • Action Ideas for Preservation Activities


Available for Consulting:

I am available for historic preservation and heritage related consulting.

Additionally, you can download my most current RESUME.